8 January 2014

Has your adviser deserted you?

Financial Adviser Swansea

Where is your Financial Advisor?

Over recent months a number of leading financial advisory companies have reduced or completely withdrawn their face-to-face advisory services, abandoning their clients at a time when they might especially need assistance. Some investors may still be unaware that they are affected by this change in stance. This is an indirect result of new regulations from the industry regulator and their Retail Distribution Review (RDR), which came into effect at the beginning of this year. The RDR is intended to provide customers with clarity over the different types of financial advice available and greater transparency over charges they are required to pay.
Some providers, including some High Street banks, have decided that offering advice is no longer viable, because of the costs and process changes involved in adhering to the stringent RDR rules. Even those companies continuing to offer face-to-face advice for customers with lower investment amounts may be limiting the scope of advice they have available. This has significantly reduced access to financial advice for many.
At Portfolio Financial Consultancy Ltd we offer a full independent financial advisory service. This includes undertaking in-depth pension and/or investment performance reviews and recommending an appropriate course of action to meet your investment planning needs.

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