8 January 2014

Is your Investment at Risk?


Risk is Unavoidable


Risk is unavoidable. At Portfolio Financial Consultancy Ltd we believe the key to successful investment is managing risk. Cash and property have always been thought of as ‘secure’, but holding cash balances leads to inflationary risk, and investment in property leads to liquidity and market risks. These risks are often beyond an individual’s control.


Stock market risks can however be managed by in-depth analysis, application of asset allocation and widespread diversification in different types of asset. This requires skill and knowledge that are at the core of the independent financial advisory service provided by Portfolio Financial Consultancy Ltd.


It is easy to make money in a rising market, but not so easy to preserve capital in difficult times such as recession and falling markets. Many investors have invested in ISAs or bonds tied to a single or small number of funds. This is very much a dart board strategy. The investor may choose the right fund, wrong fund or simply follow the herd and accept the volatility of the markets.


Christian Roche, Director of Portfolio Financial Consultancy Ltd, says, “We have the ability to analyse specific funds, stocks and shares portfolios, or any available investment product, from which we can pinpoint actual risk along with measuring their performance and charges. We can offer a snapshot analysis of any such portfolio or investment and demonstrate where the risk lies, which we feel is the foundation of any investment strategy.”


An initial conversation will cost you nothing but your time. Not having such a conversation could cost you money!

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