3 February 2014

Jupiter Strategic Bond – investment policy change


Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Limited has recently announced a change to the investment policy of its Strategic Bond fund. The change increases the fund’s investment and borrowing powers, which allows the fund manager to access a greater choice of tools and options to be used in the management of the fund. This does not mean that immediate changes will be made to the fund, but provides flexibility to the fund manager as they try to achieve high income and potential capital growth in line with the stated investment objective.

These options are already available to, and being used by other fund managers within our portfolios.

At Portfolio Financial Consultancy Ltd we welcome this change.  We believe the change will increase the potential for capital growth from this fund, and give the manager alternative investment options as and when required, which will potentially reduce the level of market risk the fund may encounter. We therefore remain in favour of the Jupiter Strategic Bond fund being part of our Defensive, Cautious, Balanced and Growth portfolios.