How We Do It

Our Six Step Approach

Top 100 Financial Advisers Members 2020

Step 1.

Initial meeting.

We will meet with you entirely at our expense and with no obligation on your part to proceed further.

We will listen to what you want from a professional planner, help you articulate your financial goals and ask about your current arrangements. This will establish whether we can assist you.
If we believe we can add value, we will explain how we can help you and the costs of our services.

Step 2.

Data gathering & Objectives.

Once engaged, we will need to gather as much information as possible about your current financial arrangements, your circumstances and your attitude towards investment risk.

This often involves us contacting your current policy and plans providers, to obtain up to date information on valuations, terms and conditions and benefits.

We will also undertake a risk profiling analysis. Our subsequent and comprehensive discussion with you provides insight into your goals and your existing situation, and will help us to tailor our financial planning process to meet your personal needs.

This includes:

  • your financial goals and needs
  • your income and expenditure
  • valuation of your assets and liabilities
  • your insurance policies and investment funds
  • types of asset held in your investment funds
  • your attitude to investment risk
  • your priorities
  • any other relevant data affecting your plans

Step 3.

Analysing and evaluating your situation.

Analysis of data we gather enables us to evaluate whether your available funds are working most effectively for you.

As part of this process, we examine the taxation and other implications when considering whether alterations to your existing arrangements represent an appropriate strategy.

Step 4.

Presentation of analysis and agreed actions

This meeting will provide you with a clear view of how effectively your current arrangements are leading you towards the financial milestones and lifestyle you wish to achieve.

Our discussion will establish both the potential for making changes designed to improve the probability of achieving your goals as well as your attitude and commitment towards making changes required.

Step 5.

Detailed design and construction

If we identify plans that could be better organised to achieve your stated goals, our recommendations will:
  • be based on our impartial, expert opinion
  • take account of your attitude to the relationship between risk and reward, and how much risk we believe you need to take.

We will meet with you to present and discuss our advice and agree any actions you wish to take. We can arrange all necessary steps to ensure your decisions are implemented thoroughly, accurately and in a timely fashion.



We will also,

  • deal with all necessary paperwork
  • liaise with your other professional advisers
  • deal with changes to existing arrangements
  • keep you informed of our progress
  • contact you when arrangements are completed to confirm what has been done and emphasise the documentation you need to retain
  • explain how our on-going review service provides you with peace of mind

We will always give you ample time to digest our recommendations and provide you with our detailed recommendation report, providing you a permanent record of the advice you’ve received.

Step 6.

Ongoing Monitoring & reviews

Our financial planning process is not a “one-off” service.

We believe regular planning meetings are the only way we can keep each other up to date with developments in your circumstances and other factors influencing the progress and suitability of your plans.

We will make sure you are using all your available tax allowances to best effect. Linked to this we will recommend a structured spending strategy once you wish to decumulate so that you draw down funds in a disciplined and in as tax-efficient a way as possible whilst ensuring that you do not run out of money. We will also ensure that your investments are on track to fulfil your goals and objectives.

In between meetings you will have access to our team whenever you have any queries. We will also make contact if we feel any immediate changes are required to your strategy.