Key Investors Documents

A Key Investor Information Document (KIID) is a document which must be provided to anyone who invests in a fund which comes under the EU’s new regulatory directive, UCITS IV. Clients are provided with these at outset of any investment.

Please note that the charges detailed in the KIID’s are not necessarily the charges applicable to policies facilitated by Portfolio.

Discounts have been negotiated with a number of the fund groups, which will reduce the charges applicable.

Please click on the links below to download our Key Investors Information Documents (pdf)


Portfolio Wealth Management

Quilter / AEGON ARC / Standard Life Wrap / Optimum

Capital Preservation July 2020*

Cautious Portfolio July 2020

Balanced Portfolio July 2020

Growth Portfolio July 2020

Income July 2020*

*Only available on Quilter & Optimum 

Portfolio Wealth Management Factsheets

Capital Preservation Factsheet

Cautious Factsheet

Balanced Factsheet

Growth Factsheet

Income Factsheet

Tatton Ethical Portfolios 

At Portfolio we have partnered with the award winning Discretionary Investment Managers  Tatton  to provide us with our suite of available Ethical investments. Tatton have a range of 6 risk rated Ethical portfolios. Please find below a brochure for each of these portfolios. Please also find attached the latest Tatton monthly and quarterly fact sheets for each of the 6 portfolios.

Tatton Global Equity Ethical Quarterly Report

Tatton Global Equity Ethical Factsheet

Tatton Defensive Ethical Quarterly Report

Tatton Defensive Ethical Factsheet

Tatton Cautious Ethical Quarterly Report

Tatton Cautious Ethical Factsheet

Tatton Balanced Ethical Quarterly Report

Tatton Balanced Ethical Factsheet

Tatton Aggressive Ethical Quarterly Report

Tatton Aggressive Ethical Factsheet

Tatton Active Ethical Quarterly Report

Tatton Active Ethical Factsheet