Retirement Planning

Pension advice and retirement planning you can trust.
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One of the key challenges we all face in life is preparing for life once we give up work.

With us as humans now living much longer, the need to provide choice and security at every stage in life has never been greater, and having peace of mind that you have prepared adequately is key.

The team of financial advisers at Portfolio have a wealth of experience, assisting clients properly plan for retirement, they will be happy to guide you through the number of pension savings options available, and review thoroughly the provision you have made to date.

We’ll take the time to understand your circumstances, all your assets, and help you choose the plans that best suit your needs at what ever stage of life you are in.

Key considerations for pension planning

Tax relief on pension contributions

One of the key attractions for investing into a pension fund is that all contributions, up to the annual limits, attract income tax relief.
With basic rate tax payers only pay 80% for their pension contribution , and a higher rate tax payers only pay 60%. The difference is made up in tax relief claimed back from HMRC. Even employers that make pension contributions can also claim full corporation tax relief on payments into directors or staff pension schemes!

Inheritance tax exempt

Within a pension plan the funds on a clients death can pass to their spouse, children, grandchildren or friends. Pension funds once seen as retirement assets only are now legacy assets that multi-generations can enjoy free of inheritance tax.

Tax free growth

You can invest in a wide range of assets. The growth of these assets will be aided by the fact that no capital gains tax applies to pension fund assets which means that pensions grow predominantly tax-free!

Starting the process of building a pension fund as early as possible can greatly enhance the value as pension funds benefit from the combination of tax relief and tax-free compound growth.