Who We Are

Services & Fees

Our fee structure has been designed to reward loyal clients for growing their wealth within the group.
At Portfolio we believe that it is important to offer our clients a simple, fair and transparent advisory fee structure.
The first initial meeting that we hold with a client is offered at no cost or obligation. We simply meet the as we are yet to understand and agree how best we can work together. We will only be remunerated if we act on your instruction and behalf.

Initial advice & establishment fees

This is a one off initial one off fee based on the capital sum you invest, the amount that is transferred to our proposition on any monthly contribution made to a plan that we set up for you.
This fee starts at 3% but reduces depending upon the size of this investment or “top ups” to existing investments. The tiers for this structure are noted below:

Up to £150,0003%
For investments of £150,000 – £500,0002%
For investments of £500,000 – £1,000,0001.5%
For investments of £1,000,000 – £5,000,0001%
For investments of £5,000,000+0.25%

Therefore, if you were to invest £750,000 the initial fee will be 1.5% or £11,250.

Insurance commissions

We will receive an intermediary commission for the selected insurance company for the advice and arrangement of a contract of insurance which will be met through your regular premiums.

Annual advisory service fees

Our advisory service fees is an annual percentage of the funds under advice. In most cases the fee is 1%, although some legacy plans are on a lower reduced basis.

Fixed fees

For some specialist tasks we will charge a fixed one off fee. This includes advice for pension split in divorce or a cashflow forecast. Please speak to us for more information.